RFID For Libraries

With more than 100 projects experience in libraries across India. We are not just RFID suppliers to libraries, as we believe in consultative approach for your solutions. We create RFID bill of materials based on different parameters, survey, etc. We might recommend some other solution than selling expensive RFID system/ hardware, which we know will not be useful in future.

We strongly believe that many of the RFID implementation failed in India not because of the technology failure/weakness but because of awareness of standards and protocols. For example you buy a HP Laser Jet Printer from a Computer Hardware Supplier or Online Portal of HP, but you do not buy A4 sheets from the same HP manufacturer, Why?

Our RFID hardware and software support all the major international standards like SIP2/SIP/ NCIP protocol for integration, data model standards for storing information on RFID Tags, NISO / ISO standards for the RFID hardware.

Our Experience says that any library who is implementing RFID should look for two major components i.e. integration with the existing library management software and how the data is stored in the RFID tags, that’s all. Why? Because you might change a library management software or upgrade the existing software and suddenly you find RFID hardware is not working. If you don’t know where the information on the RFID tag is stored, how can you upgrade your RFID hardware with good technology available in the market, You are VENDOR LOCKED.

We provide following RFID solution for your library

Basic RFID Hardware For Library

Just to start RFID for your library with bare minimal hardware and system...

RFID Advance Hardware for Library

More than basic setup, where library can provide more services to users...

RFID Installation and Integration

Know more about integration and Installation of RFID with your existing software

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