RFID Installation and Integration

RFID installation, integration and data model is the most important compnents of the system. We support all international standards and protocols.


Libraries should accept integration with all library management software via SIP2/SIP/NCIP protocols only. As these protocols provide all freedom to library in future for any upgrade, replacing existing library management software, buying hardware from third party vendor.

Middleware / API integration

Middleware or API or Web Service based integration of the system require, developing a new software which integrate with the lirbary management software at the interface level or database level. This type of integration provide more features and functionalities, we make sure that we provide full rights and permission in the software for future upgrade and integration.

RFID Tag Programming

RFID Tag programming is one of the most important and critical activity during the RFID installation. RFID Tag programming will help libraries not only to buy tags from any sources but also help them to buy RFID hardware from anyother vendor.

RFID Tag Programming DM Model

All RFID tags (books, CD, etc) need to be programmed as per international Data Model standards like DM60, DM170, etc. We provide and support all the Data Model for the RFID Tags programming and give full freedom to the library to upgrade their hardware portfolio, etc.

RFID Tag Programming ASCII

Most of the RFID Vendor program the tags as per ASCII format. This help them to program and store information as per the library requirements. We do not recommend and practice ASCII programming of RFID tags.

RFID Security Gate Installation Options

Based on the width of the gate, we recommend number of aisle to be installed. We have experience of installing more than 7-8 aisle in a library. We also recommend the distance between the gate as per the ADA Compatibility. Distance between the two panel is also very important when you library has to submit reports to AICTE or UGC for library foot fall counting.


2 Panel Installation

The most standard RFID Security Gate installation in almost all the library. There are two panels/aisle are installed and user need to walk thru the two panel. Panel can be installed on wooden / metal blank, bolted on the floor.


3 Panel installation

3 Panel Installation is recommended based on the width of the library entry / exit gate. Distance between the panel is also important factor to be consider. Any unauthorized exit of items will raise the alert or CCTV based on the configuration.


5 Panel Installation

Again 4 panel installation depends on the width the entry/exit gate of the library. All these gates are configured in such a way that any unauthorized exit of item will raise the alarm.

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