RFID Hardware for Libraries

There different types of RFID available in the market but RFID HF (High Frequency) 13.56 MHz is developed for Libraries, as it has deal with books, documents and all transaction need to be done in close proximity.

Following are some RFID HF 13.56MHz hardware.

RFID Tags for Books

RFID Tags are the most important and critical selection of the RFID implementation. Selection of wrong RFID Tags can determine the failure and success. Data model is another important functionality to look after.


RFID Small Tags for Books

We recommend smaller RFID Tags for research institute libraries, where transaction of resources are limited. Performance of the smaller RFID Tags depends on the standards and protocols (ISO15693) and reading range of the RFID antenna in all the equipment.


RFID Big Tags for Books

We highly recommend bigger RFID tags for all the libraries as these tags has bigger antenna and perform very well in all the aspect of RFID reading from all the RFID hardware. These tags has to follow international standards and protocols and should be customizable as per library requirements.


RFID Small Tags for CD

RFID small tags for CD is only recommended when you have multiple CD in one box, these tags help the library to create the parent child relationship, so that missing of any child tags will alert the library. Programming and configuration of the system has to be done accordingly.


RFID Big Tags for CD

RFID bigger CD tags are the best suitable for issue, return and alert during unauthorized exit of CD from the Library, the size of the antenna is equivelant to the size of CD and provide better reading range and inventory of the same.

RFID Staff Station for Library

RFID station station is the device which program the RFID tags as per library requirements. RFID has other functionality like issue, return, reserve, etc. They are available in two options.


RFID Non- Shielded Staff Station

Non-shielded RFID Staff station reads the tags kept next to the antenna. These antenna can be fixed underneath the table for longer life and better reading zone. Reading range of these staff station has nothing to do with the non-shield zone.


RFID Side Shielded Staff station

If library has large number of issue and return during the day, we highly recommend shielded RFID staff station has it give accurate reading of the tags, as well as don't create any false issue or return. Shielded antenna can be placed top of the table or underneath.

RFID Security Gates

As per the Library requirements, gates are designed and build. We have few of the most advances RFID Gate in our portfolio.


RFID 3D Opaque Gate

RFID 3D Opaque Gate are not transparent like Glass, they can be customized with different color combination as per library requirements. Height of the Gate can also be customized. We propose AFI+EAS protocol supported gate, for better security and information it capture. We recommend distance between the gate as ADA compatibility on but not beyond a limit.


RFID 3D Transparent Gate

RFID 3D Transparent Gate comes with transparent plexiglass sheet, these gates can easily fit into to decor of the library. Customized height and light can be done. We recommend installation of RFID gate as per ADA standard and not beyond it.


RFID Gate: Exact Footfall

RFID Gate with footfall is the technology used to capture the exact number of library users visited the library and how much time they have spent in the library. Gate can capture the details and integrate with Koha, optional. Statistics provided by the gate is very useful for the AICTE report and also to provide better services to specific library users.


Walk-Thru RFID Gate

No need to self check out return system, our RFID gate will do issue and return by itself, only condition user has to carry the ID Cards. System will automatically determine whether books is to issued or returned. All circulation will be done as per the circulation policy, any violation, library staff will be informed immediately. Gate also provide the footfall statistics for library.

RFID Inventory and Search Hardware

RFID Based handheld reader are used for taking inventory, searching missing or mishevled books in the racks, shelf rectification, etc. RFID handheld are important hardware for the library professional staff. Reading range, changing of security bit on the go, memory to store information, weight of the hardware all the most important things to consider.

We have three variation of handheld reader available.


All-In-One Handheld Inventory System

All in One Handheld RFID system is inbuilt with all the components like antenna, computer, memory, etc in one system only. All-In-One Handheld reader has good memory to store the data and work for longer period. Reach of the handheld reader is limited by the length of the user.


RFID Stick Handheld Inventory System

RFID Stick Handheld Inventory system as name suggest is a long stick connected to the reader and handheld smart device via blue tooth. User need to carry smart handheld device separately but reach of the handheld reader is much superior than all-in-one-handheld reader.


RFID Handheld Inventory System

Similar to RFID Stick handheld reader, you need to have a separate handheld smart device to connect to store and capture the data. Most important feature of the product is that reading range of the handheld reader can be increase which more accurate inventory or search and it is very light to carry around.

Self Check Out System

RFID based self check out system is the system where library users' feel the freedom to issue, return/ reissue or reserve any library resources as per the library circulation policy.  We can also provide options like payment gateway, bio-meteric based validation, etc.


RFID Self Check Out Kiosks Biometeric

Self Check Out Kiosk is one of the components in the RFID System, which not provide freedom to the library profession staff but also to the users. We recommend self checkout kiosk with multiple option like payment collection, etc., including issue, return, reservation, account check, etc. We can also provide bio-meteric based kiosk.


RFID Self Check Out Kiosks

Desktop Self Check Out Kiosk is good for libraries with multiple floor, these kiosks can be moved in the library as per the usage. Functionalities of the desktop self checkout kiosk are as same as stand alone kiosk.

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