RFID Advance Hardware for Library

There are lot of Advance RFID solutions available for libraries. These hardware are only recommended on the basis of the discussion and understanding of the library working process.

Many of the Advance RFID hardware will be become a showcase if not selected or implemented properly.


RFID Intelligent Shelf

No Dropping of Books, No locking of books till next unlocking of drop box. Available on the spot, return as much as book you can, no damage of book spines, etc. Integrated with library management software, SMS/email alerts to users. Reservation alerts to library staff. Customize as per your library interior or decor.


RFID Drop Box

Return books directly to the library, with no need to stand in a Q. Only accept books when authorized user's account is validated thru smart card, pin number, biometric or even simply showing the RFID books. Advance locking system so that books, once returned is not retrievable in any possible way. Integrated with library management software, SMS/email alerts to users.

Available in both Internal and External with Industrial Standard IP Protective Covering.


RFID Smart Locker

RFID Smart Lockers provide libraries to protect the rare and expensive books. Smart Locker can be opened only by the authorize person and can be integrated with issue and return. Smart Lockers can also be used for securing the sensitive documents like blank Degrees, marksheets, etc.


RFID Wonder Wall

RFID Wonder Wall, help users to return and check the details of the new books available in the library. These walls provide latest books details on the screen.

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