3D Printing for Sciences

3D Printing for Science Project can be exciting and challenging for the students, they can create replica of human body parts, solar system, animals, etc.

3D Printing even help to create science project with combination of different aspects of sciences and explain each components and parts in it totality.



Modern 3d printer with architectural model

3D Printing for Civil & Architecture

Students can print exact replica of the civil architecture already build or build their own replica and test it according to different testing parameters.

Students and experts build replica piece by piece and show the complete architecture of the product for better understanding.



3D Printer_Top 3D Printers Q2

3D Printing for Engineering & Mechanicals

3D Printing can help users /students to build complete replica of the engineering or mechanical drawing as a whole or part by part.

Later students / user can assemble the parts and build the whole mechanical or engineering components.

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