Library Technology Products and Services

Library is just not a collection of printed or online database, etc. Library is the backbone of the education system. Library is not bound to serve one subject only like other Dept are, library is to serve the whole of the institute.

Library has to aware of all the subjects taught in the institute and serve different type of users with different type of resources, etc.

With explosion of information and emergence 'Google', some believe libraries are not required and go on curtailing the library budget. But still library is the only place in the campus which is used by allĀ  Dept or Heads to showcase the knowledge repository it has.

With technology changes and accessibility of information on 'Thumb'. Library has to do more than automation of the software or implementing RFID in the library. With our believe and 20+ years of exposure in the library world, we believe that it has to be overall development along with the real hero's of the library....Library Professionals.

Library Automation Software

Many libraries have automated their library and still practicing the traditional approach... a software should bring freedom for the library professionals to be more creative, market library services, interact with users, etc...

Be it simple library management software or digital library management software or remote authentication software or single discovery tool.


Hardware Solutions for Library

Be it RFID, Biometric or simple Barcode scanner or advance system like Book Scanners, etc. Hardware Solution should bring freedom and independent to the library not only the technology front but also for future upgrade. Hardware integration and support should adhere by international standards and protocols...

Library more than Books

Solutions like 3D Printers, Maker Space, Interactive Discussion Rooms with Collaborative, IoT Labs, etc.

Today library has to plan for future, with the changing of the education system like introduction of industry program in the course curriculum, library can a vital role in preparing the students for the preparation of future...