Library automation is not just installation of software to computerize the book purchase or data entry of books (Cataloging) or keep track of all the issue and return inside the library for some external agency for accrediation or something.

With advancement in technology like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc. Library will face more challenges in comming days. Library has already facing great challenges with advancment in Digital library (ebooks, ejournals, databases, etc) access from anywhere anytime with the help of remote authentication software, ofcourse.

It is a fact that ‘Google’ has taken away most of the searches from the library’s OPAC. Today users looks for easy and faster search results, least with validity or authenticity of the information. This is where library is strong, with it’s qualified professional, who can validated the information and provide the infomration as per your requirements.

How we address these challenges

We are not against the technology, after all we are technology company but we focus on humans, librarians and the users. Every library is different and as well it’s users. We interact with library professionals, interact with users. Our automation is not just for the library process, we provide suits of software to automate the library. It is not necessary for library to implement all the software in one go, but we recommend step-by-step.

We make sure the library professionals and most important library committee understand the benefits of our library auotmation suits. Our Suits of Software for library is combination of software, hardware.

With us you do not get just the software or hardware for the library but gets 20+ years of experience of library both as library working professional, who understand the pain and needs of a library professional and library technologist, who can act as bridge between you and the technology geeks.

Library Management Software - Koha

Automation is not about computerization of a standard library process into the software. This kind of computerization is done way back in 80s and 90s, today with advancement of AI, VR, AR, etc. It is important that there is a “HUMAN TOUCH TO THE INFORMATION”. Just because new technology will take away users from the library, can we stop it... NO. But yes we can do more than what technology can do, human touch...

Library software should provide FREEDOM to the library professionals to focus more on users than on computerization and books. Freedom not to catalogue, Freedom not do circulations, etc But freedom to interact with users, strategic planning for improving the usage of printed or digital resources, Conducting training program on different topics, like how to do research or what is the structure of a good research paper? etc. All these can happen only when your library management software is not done a computerization of the library but rather automation.

We promote Koha which supports the followings :

  • Cataloging standards like MARC21, FRBR, Dublin Core, etc

  • UNICODE, India is land of thousands of languages

  • SIP2/NCIP/SIP: freedom to integrate expensive RFID system from anyone

  • Available on any device, anytime, anywhere*

  • No restriction on any type of items, categories of users, policies, etc.

  • Software is managed by us, data inside the software is yours, cloud or onsite installation.

Reasons for supporting Koha is not just because it is open source and support international standards, etc. But because we are different with Koha, we are more than computerization...

  • Footfall counting as per NAAC, AICTE, UGC requirements, if any.

  • Automated circulation system with no hassle of missing or lost library cards, no circulation register, no proxy issue and return, etc.

  • Integration with third party application for automatic fine collection or payment

  • Integration with campus automation software for payment for vendors or transfer of library users records

  • Customized spine label to replace barcode, property slip, instruction slip, shelf location, etc.

  • More than customization, we deliver what you want with the system.

Our Automation solutions is not based on collections, users, etc., but more on type of library, library manpower, automation level, etc.

*Cloud Services

Digital Library Management Software - Dspace

Digital – the world of 0s and 1s but beyond it is the information and knowledge.

Digital library software is next to the library automation software in many libraries. Today parent organization is creating content in the form of student’s presentation, project, event photographs, etc most importantly paper presentation, articles, class lectures, class notes, question papers, etc from the faculty side.

Most important challenges of digital library software is not the digital content but managing the digital content with proper technology and right & permissions, etc. Managing digital content on a digital software is not issue, who used it? why used it? what is RoI? of the in-house digital library is more important.

There is large number of manpower invested by the library staff in the digital library, true content is free or copyright of the institutes, but arranging them, cataloging them is systematic order, etc; is a time consuming job.

How we address these issues?

As Koha we support open source digital library management software like Dspace, ResourceSpace, etc.; with the same reasons as mentioned in Koha. But in digital library we have few important issues and challenge to address, for example.

  • We provide exhaustive statistics for the digital usage, so that library can plan or enhance the digital library services accordingly.

  • We help in promoting the digital library with the help customized mobile app for users to access resources; as per the digital rights policy; anywhere, anytime.

  • We like to customize the software as per the parent organization setup. Document management system with document life cycle process system,etc; Video Collection System with video streaming and download, etc, Image Collection System with copyright control, etc.

  • We can customize the complete system as Document Processing System.

    • Where documents life cycle can be managed like uploading process, approval process, validation process and then storing process.

  • Customized features for the software can be developed to work / integrate with any third party application or hardware as per client’s requirements.

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