Learning Technology solutions is the central point of both Library and MakerSpace. This is where great minds comes together and brainstorm what they have read in the BOOKS and done PRACTICAL in the MakerSpace.

As Classes are the place where tacit knowledge is created. We not only help in capturing these tacit knowledge but also provide simple to use devices to be used in the classroom for creating tacit knowledge.

Solutions like Lecture Capturing System not only help institutes to create Educational Content as per mandate of the Govt but also provide lots of freedom to the teaching community. With our simple Lecture Capturing System not only teacher is able to use it, but also IT team will find one device which is meeting all the requirements of the class, for example. Interactive White Board, Audio System, Classroom Recording System, Lecture Capturing System, Collaboration Teaching Tool, etc.

Our Communication and Language Solutions is based on the concept of "single platform multiple languages", institute can teach any language any subject on our platform.