Learning Management System

Moodle: Learning Management System

We believe that no library software or digital library software is successful if it is not integrated with learning management system. Library is not just an ‘island’ of information in the campus but very critical and integral part of the education system.

We believe in integrating library management and digital library management system with learning management system at the core. Resources from the library are linked and updated as per the courses conducted by the parent organization. With our simple to use tools and indepth understanding of the library, we provide simple and effective tool to link the resources with the courses.

Library professionals can link all the resources to single or multiple courses in the learning management system, so that users will get a glimpse of the resources in the library and do indepth search on the library’s search interface or directly access the resources from the learning management system.

We promote ‘Moodle’ as learning management system, for one main reason of open source and ‘freedom’ to the institute and library.

Follwoing are some services we can provide for the Moodle.

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