Communication & Language Lab

We do not provide traditional language lab to be used only for teaching or improving one dedicated language. In this global economy students just not need to learn or expertise in one universal language but also multiple languages and most importantly global standard communication and etiquette standards.


Software Based Solutions

Software based language / communication lab required computer labs with good networking and internet bandwidth. Software based language lab can be used not only for teaching language lab but for any topics, engineering, sciences, management, etc. With the help of screen sharing and taking input from individual students.

Software based also give more freedom for the collaboration based study.


Hardware Based Solution

You will need only one computer for yourself. Students are equipped with digital recorder units that are easy to operate, and which allow them to have an active role in stimulating learning activities – either alone, in groups or pairs.

Pre-set activities such as phone conversation and listening comprehension make it easy for you to develop lessons. The Lab 100 offers tools that will keep your students motivated and excited while they acquire the language skills they will need.


Sign Language Lab

We provide Sign Language Lab with Indian Sign Language Lab content. You can teach or create your own content for Indian Sign Language.

We provide turnkey solution for building special Sign Language Lab for your institute.

  • Compare and combine videos easily
  • Simultaneously record your signing and source video
  • Practice sign language interpretation
  • Picture-in-Picture recording
  • Possibility to stream live web camera across local network
  • Can be used outside the class for self-study
  • Mirror Image

Any Language...

You can teach any language on our platform. Ours is the best solution for Skill Development Institutes, who wants to conduct language training certificate courses. They do not have to invest in the language lab infrastructure, simply buy language content and start the classes.

Currently we support following language

  • English (UK, US, Australia)
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • and many more...

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