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Millions of rupees are spend on e-Resources by many of the institutes. These resources comes with one condition that is access within the campus. Another major challenges with the online resources is the usage statistics. We not only focus on the usage of the resources but also focus on ‘why not used’?

There are many solutions in the market which talk about providing access to resources outside the campus or wherever required. We are more than providing access to resources outside the campus or library, we provide power to the library to take strategic decision on different parameters, we stop misuse of resources or even help you in avoding IP lockdown.

A simple maths, when it comes to the online resources and how you can avoid wasting of money by increasing the usage of resources.

For example.

  • Online Resources Rs.1,00,000/- per year
  • Per Day charges Rs.273.90 (Rs.1,00,000.00 / 365)
  • One week IP lockdown Rs. 1917.30 (Rs.273.90 X 7 days)

These IP lockdown, sometimes happens for a simple reason of multiple clicks/download by users due to mouse issue or network/internet issue. But database vendor provider will lockdown the IP as per the policy. Sometime they inform the library and sometimes there is no communication to the library, who loses... YOU. Now just calculate the same formula for your library with a budget of Rs.50 lakh rupees, Rs.13,698/- approx per day, just imagine. This sheer waste of money can be controlled with the help of our solution.

Now the most important part, Why they are not using it?

We wants the libraries to promote the resources to the users by conducting library orientation program for the students, faculty, research scholars, etc. Remember a UG students’ approach to an IEEE database will be different from a PhD. Scholars.

We believe that library professional can do more constructive and productive work along with their traditional library work, once they start to do database orientation program for their users. Library professional should took over the training / orientation program for their institute, only for one reason, YOU KNOW YOUR INSTITUTE/USER MORE THAN ANY VENDOR.

We understand the existing workload of a library activities are already taken away most of your time even though there is library management software implemented in your library. See more...library automation software.


Usage Statistics

There are multiple types of reports available with our solutions

  • Overview Reports: overview of the online resources subscribed by the library.
  • Category Reports: user category reports, which users / group using the resources and why not others?
  • Resource Reports: resources reports, how much download, unauthorized access, etc.
  • Day Reports: day by day reports, etc.

Major Features and Functionalities

Few of the Major Features and functionalities.

  • Avoid IP lock down from the publishers. Due to lock down of the IP address library loses subscription money of no faulty of their.
  • No need to create users, lose of password, grouping of users and resources
  • No dependency on IT Infrastructure, 24X7X365 day access.
  • Most importantly know why resources is not used and plan your training accordingly.

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